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Why are Gaming Keyboards Not Ergonomic

Being a gamer myself, I’m seating here thinking about the problem with keyboards.

I notice that there are two different types of people in the world that use these keyboards.

One is gamers, and others are regular everyday people.

Looking at the specific need, you are trying to remedy would be how you should look at this.

If you are an office person, the ordinary keyboard works best for you.

The gamer may want something else depending on their usage.

Let’s go deeper and see which is the best gaming keyboard you.


How much time do you spend Gaming with a keyboard

In the past I could spend hours upon hours playing on the computer as I’m sure its the same for most gamers.

This prolonged activity doesn’t match well for the ergonomic experience. I for one loved the keyboard that gives me speed and comfort while gaming.

The problem is when looking at ergonomic keyboards they solve one of those. Sure, the look is impressive, but these keyboards need you to hold a wider elbow stance. This over time can feel quite uncomfortable.

Also, having your elbows at a width such as that can allow the gamer to feel more fatigued. The problem is rather than giving the gamer stamina to play longer, it takes away.

This is one of the reasons this type of keyboard doesn’t quite work out for gamers. The ordinary keyboard in comparison gives similar feel. The ordinary keyboard gives a setup that is already in your head.

There is no need to scrap years of training to use a new keyboard.


Which board allows for better communication with each other?

Depending on how you communicate, this can differ.

If you don’t have a headset, you will find it harder to message buddies. If you are a pecker (no offense) ergonomic keyboards allow for a perfect typing feel.

Which for this reason wouldn’t be what you need. The board has a split v seem down the middle. That takes typing to a new level allowing (developed )users to type with their thumb.

This can take away from the experience if you have to look down to see your keys if you aren’t a real typist. The style of typing most people learned over the years fits the ordinary keyboard.

The ordinary keyboard gives you the freedom to type hands down looking at the screen as well.

Though, leaving the thumb on the space bar this board will work better for someone who has to find the keys.


Ergonomic Keyboards to Try…

The Ergonomic surface keyboardthe Mistel Barocco Ergonomic splitThe Surface Ergonomicthe Matias Ergo Pro KeyboardKinesis Freestyle 2

In closing, when considering the keyboard for you I would try your local computer store to see which fits a regular or ergonomic keyboard.

If you are looking at the ladder of these keyboards. I definitely think you should go to the store. Going to the store to get a feel of them before ordering online and getting buyers remorse.

At least you can try it in person. Looking at most of the market.

Hopefully we, at ESO FAQ’s, have answered the question “why are gaming keyboards not ergonomic”.


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