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Which Keyboards are Compatible with the PS4?

Gaming keyboards are not like your traditional keyboards, being that they are programmable and customizable to give gamers the best options while gaming.

These keyboards can be uniquely set up for individual gamers that can optimize the gaming experience.

Gaming keyboards are equipped with more features than traditional keyboards perfect for gamers. They are great for beginners and used by pretty much all pro-gamers at the highest levels.

They aren’t just for PC users either, being that many games and game stations like PS4 are compatible with the use of these keyboards, gaming is being taken to a whole new level.


Features of Gaming Keyboards

  • Illumination- Not necessarily useful for functionality but definitely creates very cool backlighting that is an array of different colors and looks impressive.
  • Macro Buttons- These buttons can be assigned for different commands to make certain functions in games faster and easier.
  • Size- You can choose between a full-size keyboard or a “tenkeyless” smaller option that can fit your space and gaming needs.
  • Membrane/Mechanical- This is the inner workings of the keyboard as of how quickly the buttons are pressed and they quickly they are registered. Most gamers prefer the mechanical option as it is usually of better quality.
  • Anti-Ghosting & Key rollover- This function helps when multiple keys are being pressed at the same time or very quickly next to each other to help prevent mistakes or confusion.

As mentioned before, now that some of the best gaming keyboards are being used not just for PC’s but for multiple gaming consoles, you may be wondering what gaming keyboards are compatible with PS4.


Here are some options of gaming keyboards that are great for your gaming console.

  • EagleTec KG011- Made with aluminum and plate-mounted keys, this sturdy keyboard is a solid pick for many gamers, especially if you are rough with your keyboards.
  • MechanicalEagle Z-77- This compact, numpad-less option is great if you are using it in smaller spaces. It also comes with replaceable switches if needed and backlighting options.
  • Corsair STRAFE- A top choice that has a USB 2.0 port that can save a slot for other devices on your console. It has fully customizable backlighting and keyboard functions with super quiet keys when pressed.
  • Razer Blackwidow-A very popular choice with gamers with its switches being perfect for gaming and extremely fast response time.
  • Razer Ornata- This uniquely designed option has durable switches and is a great option for casual gamers to learn the ropes to more serious gamer gear.
  • Roccat Sova Lapboard- A very unique keyboard that includes its own lapboard for the keyboard and your mouse which means you don’t need a desk to put it on. You can sit on your couch or chair with its comfortable lap pads making this one especially great for PS4 players. It also has 2 USB ports to use for other devices.


Overall, at ESO FAQ’s, when looking for a gaming keyboard you want to make sure that it includes the functions you desire with quality and comfort.

With doing some research and finding out exactly what you want in a keyboard, you will surely find the right fit for your gaming needs.


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