Which Keyboards are Compatible with the PS4?

Gaming keyboards are not like your traditional keyboards, being that they are programmable and customizable to give gamers the best options while gaming.

These keyboards can be uniquely set up for individual gamers that can optimize the gaming experience.

Gaming keyboards are equipped with more features than traditional keyboards perfect for gamers. They are great for beginners and used by pretty much all pro-gamers at the highest levels.

They aren’t just for PC users either, being that many games and game stations like PS4 are compatible with the use of these keyboards, gaming is being taken to a whole new level.


Features of Gaming Keyboards

  • Illumination- Not necessarily useful for functionality but definitely creates very cool backlighting that is an array of different colors and looks impressive.
  • Macro Buttons- These buttons can be assigned for different commands to make certain functions in games faster and easier.
  • Size- You can choose between a full-size keyboard or a “tenkeyless” smaller option that can fit your space and gaming needs.
  • Membrane/Mechanical- This is the inner workings of the keyboard as of how quickly the buttons are pressed and they quickly they are registered. Most gamers prefer the mechanical option as it is usually of better quality.
  • Anti-Ghosting & Key rollover- This function helps when multiple keys are being pressed at the same time or very quickly next to each other to help prevent mistakes or confusion.

As mentioned before, now that some of the best gaming keyboards are being used not just for PC’s but for multiple gaming consoles, you may be wondering what gaming keyboards are compatible with PS4.


Here are some options of gaming keyboards that are great for your gaming console.

  • EagleTec KG011- Made with aluminum and plate-mounted keys, this sturdy keyboard is a solid pick for many gamers, especially if you are rough with your keyboards.
  • MechanicalEagle Z-77- This compact, numpad-less option is great if you are using it in smaller spaces. It also comes with replaceable switches if needed and backlighting options.
  • Corsair STRAFE- A top choice that has a USB 2.0 port that can save a slot for other devices on your console. It has fully customizable backlighting and keyboard functions with super quiet keys when pressed.
  • Razer Blackwidow-A very popular choice with gamers with its switches being perfect for gaming and extremely fast response time.
  • Razer Ornata- This uniquely designed option has durable switches and is a great option for casual gamers to learn the ropes to more serious gamer gear.
  • Roccat Sova Lapboard- A very unique keyboard that includes its own lapboard for the keyboard and your mouse which means you don’t need a desk to put it on. You can sit on your couch or chair with its comfortable lap pads making this one especially great for PS4 players. It also has 2 USB ports to use for other devices.


Overall, at ESO FAQ’s, when looking for a gaming keyboard you want to make sure that it includes the functions you desire with quality and comfort.

With doing some research and finding out exactly what you want in a keyboard, you will surely find the right fit for your gaming needs.




Why are Gaming Keyboards Not Ergonomic

Being a gamer myself, I’m seating here thinking about the problem with keyboards.

I notice that there are two different types of people in the world that use these keyboards.

One is gamers, and others are regular everyday people.

Looking at the specific need, you are trying to remedy would be how you should look at this.

If you are an office person, the ordinary keyboard works best for you.

The gamer may want something else depending on their usage.

Let’s go deeper and see which is the best gaming keyboard you.


How much time do you spend Gaming with a keyboard

In the past I could spend hours upon hours playing on the computer as I’m sure its the same for most gamers.

This prolonged activity doesn’t match well for the ergonomic experience. I for one loved the keyboard that gives me speed and comfort while gaming.

The problem is when looking at ergonomic keyboards they solve one of those. Sure, the look is impressive, but these keyboards need you to hold a wider elbow stance. This over time can feel quite uncomfortable.

Also, having your elbows at a width such as that can allow the gamer to feel more fatigued. The problem is rather than giving the gamer stamina to play longer, it takes away.

This is one of the reasons this type of keyboard doesn’t quite work out for gamers. The ordinary keyboard in comparison gives similar feel. The ordinary keyboard gives a setup that is already in your head.

There is no need to scrap years of training to use a new keyboard.


Which board allows for better communication with each other?

Depending on how you communicate, this can differ.

If you don’t have a headset, you will find it harder to message buddies. If you are a pecker (no offense) ergonomic keyboards allow for a perfect typing feel.

Which for this reason wouldn’t be what you need. The board has a split v seem down the middle. That takes typing to a new level allowing (developed )users to type with their thumb.

This can take away from the experience if you have to look down to see your keys if you aren’t a real typist. The style of typing most people learned over the years fits the ordinary keyboard.

The ordinary keyboard gives you the freedom to type hands down looking at the screen as well.

Though, leaving the thumb on the space bar this board will work better for someone who has to find the keys.


Ergonomic Keyboards to Try…

The Ergonomic surface keyboardthe Mistel Barocco Ergonomic splitThe Surface Ergonomicthe Matias Ergo Pro KeyboardKinesis Freestyle 2

In closing, when considering the keyboard for you I would try your local computer store to see which fits a regular or ergonomic keyboard.

If you are looking at the ladder of these keyboards. I definitely think you should go to the store. Going to the store to get a feel of them before ordering online and getting buyers remorse.

At least you can try it in person. Looking at most of the market.

Hopefully we, at ESO FAQ’s, have answered the question “why are gaming keyboards not ergonomic”.



Why I Prefer Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming

There are various types of gaming keyboards, and mechanical keyboards are among them.

The reason is mechanical keyboards have continued gaining popularity since most gamers need a higher quality keyboard and they are of the best quality.

They are sophisticated, and they have mechanical switches features; hence, here are some reasons why mechanical keyboards for gaming are mostly preferred.


1. Speed and Precision

Most users of mechanical keyboards claim when using the mechanical keyboard for gaming, they may type accurately and faster compared to other keyboards. It gives your fingers less work since many switches are only pressed halfway and they register a keystroke.

They also facilitate a movement economy, and the fingers cant give typos and slips due to its high actuation force that is needed. The gaming keyboards also need to be highly reliable, which is the case with mechanical keyboards since players need to count on all strokes they make.


2. Versatility

The very thing which attracts the use of mechanical keyboards is that they don’t resemble and it hence makes them intimidating. Mechanical switches are also in varieties, and they offer different impact to their keyboards where they have various colors too.

The colors can be black, red, green, or even white, and every switch type offers its attribute.

For instance, those that do more of typing will always prefer the blue switches which offer very great feedback, and those typists will know when they are required to move towards another letter.

These blue switches are for specific people since they are quite loud. It has never been easy to get the right switch since some stores do sell the mechanical keyboards where they offer test typing and more of the best gaming keyboards can be found online.

When you research well, you might get acquaintances and friends who have mechanical keyboards that are of the best quality, and they will serve you with all your needs.


3. Feedback

Several mechanical keyboards have different feedback levels because they work differently. Most of them might register the keystroke whenever you depress the key only halfway.

After the key is halfway, it might be easy to feel and hear a distinctive mechanical click, which seems like the audible mechanical process. There are other mechanical switches which don’t offer more feedback where they contain a liner feel that means you cant feel the clicking sound.

The sensitive switches are also important since they have high sensing in the keyboard that gives quick feedback.


4. Durability

Most mechanical keyboard switches have a rating of about 50 million life-cycle keystrokes. Since the switch life is so long, then there might be something at the keyboard which can break immediately before the switches give you problems.

Compared to other keyboards, that of mechanical keyboards rating is very high; hence, they are preferred by most typists.

For the ones who are using their computers daily or they consume power often when you decide to invest with a mechanical keyboard, then, in the long run, you will enjoy its services. You have to ensure you like that keyboard before purchasing since you will see it daily.

The above are the main reasons why we, at ESO FAQ’s, prefer mechanical keyboards for gaming.




Reasons for Using a Gaming Keyboard


1. Comfort

Despite gaming being extremely friendly recently, more gaming needs longer sessions for playing. For the most friendly games too, at least it needs about 20 minutes to be complete.

Mostly if you tackle the end game contents when in large groups, they can be requiring some hours. The gaming keyboards here features well-spaced, full-sized, and they can be used for a longer time.

Also, the best gaming keyboards are shaped for fitting perfectly in the hands; hence, one can use the keyboard in longer stretches where the wrists or hands cant get hurt.


2. Faster In Typing

Many gaming keyboards have mechanical keyboards which have keys that are easily pressed where one doesn’t need to use more force during typing. It is a sign that one can type more as to other keyboard types.

It is easy in moving characters when playing the games with gaming keyboards, and it prevents you from suffering due to fatigue when playing, and it will enhance in faster moving your moves.

At ESO FAQ’s, we tend to find that milliseconds matter in gaming where one can gain some milliseconds quickly when gaming keyboards are used.


3. Macros Simplify Life

They are advantageous in gaming keyboards since they are available with some row keys which you can customize so it can do whatever you want when playing the game you love.

Also, you can set up some multiple profiles when playing several games. The macros will enable the keys in operating differently in whatever games that you are playing.

When you create customized macros, you will be able to perform some tedious and essential tasks automatically when playing the game. The macros don’t only simplify playing, but it can give you the minimal benefit that you need, especially when you go against some toughest players or bosses.


4. Customized Control Pads Improves Control

Most gaming keyboards have custom pads onto their keyboard’s left side.

They help in controlling mimic onto the keys which surrounds them to the custom control pads. They keys ease your controlling the game characters, and when you manage better, you will have a great playing response. It will help you to quickly draw when going against the next player and you will enjoy the game.


5. Gaming In Various Kinds Of Light

The keyboard backlight are always cool, and they feature customizable multi-colored backlight. They are cool, which makes the fun game, but they also deserve the purpose.

With backlight, you can game in any lighting sort in that you can turn off lights then play at dark areas with backlight keyboards.

When playing a horror genre game, it will become more fun, and you can be sucked towards the game as you ease whatever you are doing with backlights. The backlights enable you in seeing whatever you do even in the dark for you to enjoy the game in every lighting.

Having gaming keyboards for your game is very worthwhile since they offer so many features.




Gaming Keyboards: More Than Meets The Eye…

At ESO FAQ’s, we know that gaming keyboards are a must have when it comes to enjoying your PC games whether for leisure or professionally. A gaming keyboard has a lot of different benefits when it comes to making sure you are precise in either getting that head shot from over 100 yards or hitting your combo before your opponent has a chance to strike. Not only will they help with precision, but they often have a clean look with some extra features to make them standout.

The best gaming keyboards are also known as mechanical keyboards.

This gives the added benefit of being able to hit your shot quickly and before your opponent is able to take you out due to the nature of the keys not needing to be pressed down completely. Gaming keyboards need almost more a flick rather than enough pressure to make it touch down completely.

One will often see different colors referenced in relation to the keys. Cherry MX keys are often the most commonly found. These keys are known to give you great feedback in your fingers as you push the keys. With the feedback comes the confidence that you clicked the key. Whether you clicked the right or wrong one is up to where your finger landed! Cherry MX keys also gives you an audible sound to coincide with the tactile feedback. It is important to find the right key color for you depending on what you may be using the keyboard for mainly.

Not only do gaming keyboards give you benefits in terms of use, but they also often have extremely neat aesthetics. Back lit keys are a very common find when it comes to gaming keyboards. Buyers can find them in just a single color, say a red or green, or a complete RGB setup. Whether the keyboard is a single color or has the RGB capabilities, it gives you a little edge to the looks.

Back lit keys also give more than just the attention. Having back lit keys also helps you see the keyboard better in low light settings. The user will also be able to get a better look at which key is being pressed by briefly looking for which key is not visible amongst the others due to it being covered by the finger. RGB gaming keyboards provide an additional layer of support here. Gamers with an RGB gaming keyboard are able to set specific colors for certain keys.

The most commonly used keys for gaming are A, S, D, and W (typically for directional purposes). You would be able to set these four keys at a color different from the rest to give them more prominence in your peripheral vision. Having this option can make your decisions even quicker in the event your fingers go astray on your keyboard and you need to get them back on track.

Compact gaming keyboards are also a hot commodity.

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard but do not want it to take up a lot of space or do not have the option for a bigger keyboard, then the compact option is best suitable. These give you all of the options mentioned prior, but are missing the number pad on the right side of the keyboard. Depending on needs for space, or maybe even looks, this would be a great option in better understanding gaming keyboards and finding one you may want.


Do monitors make a difference in gaming?

When you set up a new gaming system, everyone asks you about the graphics card you have or the processor that you decided to go with or even whether you chose to go for a solid state drive. It is incredibly unusual for someone to ask about your monitor apart from a cursory inquiry to its size.

Does this mean that is isn’t really important?

That the monitor does not really have an impact on the gamer’s experience?




Well, that is a bone of contention in the gaming world with some claiming that the choice of monitor is one of the most important decisions you will make, with others arguing that this is merely elitist claptrap and that the monitor is not really that important on the whole.

The people whose voices are loudest on the importance of monitors are people who are competitively playing first-person shooters like CS:GO, Day Z or Overwatch. These gamers require quick reflexes and instantaneous reaction to succeed, with some believing that a 3-4 millisecond edge is a difference between winning and losing.

The three elements that determine this advantage are the response time, the input lag and the frame rate.

The response time is how quickly each pixel can change from white to black and back to white again, while the refresh rate is how many times the panel can draw the image in a second. Ideally, competitive gamers are looking for low response time, and as high a refresh rate is possible. Input lag is the time it takes between moving the mouse and seeing the effect on the screen, and this again needs to be as low as possible.

It is understandable why competitive gamers feel that the performance of a monitor is so important.

When playing fast-paced games like Overwatch, the margins for the best players are very tight and indeed sometimes milliseconds will indeed make the difference, so it is critical for them to make sure they have the best monitor in terms of performance to make sure that they don’t give their competitors a head start before they even start playing.

On the other side of the argument are casual and pleasure gamers who often feel that apart from the resolution, the monitor is not really that important. These gamers tend to be more focused on the look of their games rather than the performance. They tend to be looking for bigger monitors with a high resolution which will display the game with the brightest colour and the most realistic picture.

They tend to prefer to spend their money on a good graphics card with lots of VRAM and supporting high resolutions, rather than spending a lot of money on the monitor itself. They find that the improvement per dollar is much higher when spending on a graphics card than when investing in a monitor, and so tend to feel that monitors are much less important overall when gaming.


So, do monitors have an influence on gaming?

The answer, I think you will agree, is undoubted yes.

The importance of that influence, however, is determined by the goals of the gamer themselves. You can check out our selection of the best console gaming monitors in 2019.

A monitor is hugely important to someone who is competitively gaming and will have a huge impact on their experience, while for someone who is a more casual gamer, the monitor has a limited influence on their experience.

As with most things in life, it is a case of horses for courses.


Can I use a 4k TV as a gaming monitor?

Almost everyone would like to have a cinema feeling in the living room.

This desire is often at least a bit closer with a new TV. But before buying it, the key question to be resolved is: Should it be a 4K UHD device with around eight million pixels, or is a cheaper Full HD TV with two million pixels enough – after all, ultra-high resolution content is still in short supply. You can read our reviews of the best console gaming monitors.




The content offering is growing slowly

In addition to pay-TV Sky, which broadcasts football games in 4K, only special-interest channels such as UHD1, Insight TV and Fashion 4K as well as the shopping channels 4K and QVC UHD broadcast their first UHD TV bites via satellite. RTL offers Formula 1 races, all other TV stations such as ARD and ZDF have not jumped on the trend and plan only for the 2022 World Cup regular UHD broadcasts.

Anyone who prefers to stream movies and series anyway, gets at least in the services Netflix and Amazon Video for selected content at its own expense. Netflix requires a more expensive premium subscription (currently 13.99 euros). If you want to stream 4K content, you also need fast internet connection: Netflix recommends a minimum bandwidth of 25 megabits per second (Mbps), with Amazon Instant Video it should definitely be 15 Mbps.

Those who still buy films on disk get a currently considerable and growing selection of 4K films on the UHD Blu-ray. However, you need a UHD Blu-ray player in addition to a corresponding TV to watch the high-resolution movies on the TV. This costs about 200 euros, but is also included in the Xbox One S game console, which has been available for over two years, and the Xbox One X, which is based on 4K gaming.


The picture is not necessarily sharper

“The pictures are rich in detail, and even TVs with a screen size of 140 centimetres, despite their size, show a fine pixel structure,” says Stiftung Warentest attesting to 4K TVs’ quality.

However, so the restriction, neither the richness of detail nor the finer pixel structure revolutionized the viewing experience. This is due on the one hand to the footage, which is usually available only to full HD resolution, on the other hand on too large seat pitch of the audience. In a test of the consumer protection organisation with 24 subjects, most remained at the usual viewing distance – so bled the extra pixel power.

As a rule of thumb: For 4K TVs, the optimal distance is one and a half times the picture height, so you have to sit pretty close to the device to really notice the sharpness.


HDR is the magic word

Differences between Full HD and 4K would have recognised the tester only by the image enhancement HDR used in some 4K TVs. High Dynamic Range allows for much higher-contrast images and lets the colours shine. “Small differences in brightness and the finest shades, such as the gradient in the blue sky, which disappear in normal HD playback, remain visible with HDR.

The picture is crisper, the colors look more natural, “says the foundation. However, there are also Full HDTV with HDR technology, so the argument goes in both directions.

To be able to really use HDR, you must first activate the function on most televisions for each source, ie receiver or other players. In the case of manufacturers such as Sony, LG, Samsung , and Philips, the function is unfortunately partly hidden.

Philips and LG list HDR in the general settings menu, but hide it behind the terms “HDMI Ultra HD” or “Ultra HD Deep Color”. For Samsung, enable HDR as follows: Settings > Picture > Expert Settings > Turn on HDMI UHD Color for the HDMI port you are using. For Sony: Settings> External Inputs > HDMI Signal Format > Optimized Format .


What you need to know about HDR on TV

In order to get more out of conventional Blu-rays or TV broadcasts, the so-called upscaler plays an important role. It scales HDTV images up to four times the resolution on a 4K TV. “For increased TV enjoyment, the upscaler has to be so powerful that it can conjure up the worse HDTV signal with a gain in sharpness and detail on the 4K screen,” explains Bernd Weeser-Krell from the “PC World”.


Which technique should the TV have?

In addition, one should take a look at the processor.

The power decides how well the pictures are scaled and how fast the TV works. This includes not only station changes, but also the navigation through the numerous multimedia offers of Smart TVs with Internet connection. Basically, 4K TVs have a more complex internal signal processing than HD devices.

To be prepared for the next few years, the new flat-TV de Leuw should have at least one HDMI port that accepts 60 and not just 30 frames per second. Important is also the HDMI standard 2.0, duty for the playback of UHD content is the copy protection HDCP 2.2. When streaming Ultra HD movies is nothing without H.265 codec, but as good as all 4K TVs since the year 2016 is integrated.

OLED display: Expensive, but good

In addition to flat-screen TVs with LED backlighting, more and more OLED devices with organic light emitting diodes are conquering the market. “Because the technology works without backlighting – an OLED screen lights up – OLED televisions provide a much better contrast,” explains Weeser-Krell. “Unpowered pixels remain absolutely black, while LCD TVs always emit some light in the backlight and black appears as anthracite.” OLED devices also feature a more populous color display and extremely fast response times. Disadvantages are the higher price and the limited life of the luminous dots.


Does refresh rate matter for console gaming?

Yes, refresh rate does matter for console gaming. To start, here’s a quick definition of “refresh rate”.

Refresh rate describes the number of times a monitor redraws its image each second. Matching your refresh rate with your frame rate will create a better overall experience.



The average frame rate is 30 frames per second (FPS), which is easy to match, but as games get more intensive, their supporting equipment needs to improve as well.

The primary function of a monitor is that it shows still images at such a fast pace that our brains believe the images are moving. When you have large frame rates from your game console, a lower refresh rate from your monitor could lead to movements that aren’t as smooth.

Another issue that happens when your frame rates and refresh rates don’t match is tearing. When your monitor’s image isn’t refreshing as fast as your game is sending these images, tears can show on your screen.

Even though most people can’t see differences in a lower refresh rate compared to the frame rate, nearly everyone can see tears. These broken bits of game graphics on your monitor can ruin your gameplay.

If you are a hardcore gamer or a regular gamer who’s seeing lag in your game, purchasing a higher-end monitor with a higher refresh rate can improve your play and you can see my reviews of the best console gaming monitors in 2019.

Other improvements you can see with a monitor that has a higher refresh rate is an increase in sharpness of fast-moving action scenes, less blur at all times, and reduced lag.

For many people, these changes in Hz might not be visible, but for others, they notice the differences immediately. Professional or highly competitive gamers need the smoothest experience possible to compete.

Another possibility that can help your gameplay is Variable Refresh Rates (VRR). These come with some monitors and TVs. With this technology, your console’s GPU can control the refresh rate of your monitor, so that tearing won’t happen.

This technology removes all of the problems that happen when the frame rates and refresh rates don’t match. One caveat though: this technology works between 40 Hz and 60Hz. If your game is running 30 fps, VRR won’t help if there is lagging or tearing.

In summary, the average frame rate is 30 fps. Most game consoles barely run at 60 fps. However, if they do, VRR can bridge the gap between your frame rates and refresh rates to even out your gameplay.

Currently, there are only a few games that natively run at 120 fps, or the more graphic-intensive, 240 fps.

Your monitor depends on what kind of games you plan to play. If you’re playing games with lower-end graphics, a regular monitor should be fine, but if you’re playing the latest releases, opt for a monitor that can keep up.

It will be some time before you need higher-end monitors, but if you want to be ready when the games come, buy monitors that have higher Hz so you can easily play at 240 fps or higher.


Can I Watch TV on a Gaming Monitor?




If the above has been the question on your mind, it means you don’t know much about computers, and it’s okay. You have nothing to worry about for there are many like you out there, and this article will help shed some light on the matter.

Can you watch TV on a gaming monitor? The answer is a definite yes.

It is a good idea for most people because, the picture quality is likely to be great due to the high resolution and refresh rate of the display. You can check out our selection of the best gaming monitors for console gamers here.

It is common for most people to use their HD TVs as monitors because the process is as simple as connecting the TV to a system unit or laptop. In addition, more often than not, all you need is a cable (e.g., HDMI) that is compatible with both the TV and either the system unit or laptop and you are good to go.

However, using a monitor as a TV is not as straight forward for most people. The reason is that you need more equipment than a single HDMI cable for the modification.

Moreover, most people may not be readily equipped with the extra gadgets that will facilitate the transition.

To add TV capabilities to your gaming monitor, you may need to invest in the following:

Where to Begin?

To determine whether you can use your particular monitor for watching TV, you need to inspect the display first to take note of its features.

Different monitors come with different ports and slots. These aspects of the display unit will determine how well it can do as a TV. You’ll want to take note of the display ports it has such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, SVGA or other. If there is HDMI in there, the chances are that you won’t have trouble with the TV capability modification.

Furthermore, you should not have any resolution problems because we are referring to a gaming monitor here, which often support insanely high resolutions and refresh rates. However, just in case you have some funny version of a gaming monitor, your monitor should support at least 720p to work with the modern day HD capable TV Tuner or Cable boxes.

What if my monitor doesn’t have HDMI ports?

It’s very unlikely for a gaming monitor, but just in case, you have something from another planet, that’s where the DVI/ VGA to HDMI converter comes in. If you have a different port than DVI or VGA, then get an adapter for that particular port.

Monitor to TV

The thing that will facilitate the TV addition, transition, or modification is the TV Tuner or Cable Box. These devices will give your monitor the capacity to tune in TV signals and let you enjoy your favorite TV programs.

Chromecast is another addition to this mix. With Chromecast or FireTV, you can stream Netflix or Hulu on your crisp, clear gaming monitor.

Please Don’t Stop the Music

Audio is something you can easily miss when adding TV capabilities to a monitor because most monitors don’t have inbuilt audio.

Luckily, your TV Tuner or Cable box may come with an audio port that will allow you to connect external speakers and enjoy your TV programs as usual. Otherwise, you’ll need to invest in an audio extractor, particularly if you’ll be using HDMI.

Using monitors for watching TV is an old practice in the PC world, for TV Tuner boxes (or TV Tuner cards) have been around for decades now. This is just one of those cases where what you don’t know won’t be of benefit to you, but now you know!


Is a monitor or TV better for console gaming?

Playing video games is not the same as watching a movie or a television series, that is why many gamers ask themselves the eternal question: What is better to play on? A monitor or a television?

In this article, we are going to try to shed some light on this question.

Choosing which is the best console gaming monitors or TV is difficult. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your budget. The place where we are going to locate it and the technology that is implemented in each of them, among other factors that can make balance from one side to another.




Monitor vs TV for video-games: what to buy and why

Both are a screen but do not offer the same technical features.

Both a television and a monitor can be connected to a video game console, or to a computer, if we want to use video games . But there are some technical differences that we should take into account when buying one or the other . In this way we will achieve the experience we seek, and spending as little money as possible.


The video game television

The television, as its name indicates, allows us to watch television . It is a good idea to have this feature, if the place where we are going to install the screen and the console is also where, albeit occasionally, we go to watch television.

But they are more limited devices in connectivity ; most of them only have HDMI connections , and although they have several audio / video inputs of this type, they usually have only one HDMI 2.0 , which is what we need for a 2160p resolution at 60 fps.

At the same time, although we take advantage of the HDMI 2.0 connection, we can not aspire to a higher framerate, which is one of the main disadvantages of a television that does not have DisplayPort. In a video game console we will not have problem, but if we are going to play with PC, we can go beyond 2160p 60 fps.


Why do televisions have no DisplayPort?

But there is an advantage in televisions – besides that they are for watching television, of course – and that is that they have a built-in sound system ; that is, speakers. Maybe you are going to use more helmets, or maybe you want to buy specific and independent speakers , but having integrated speakers is interesting, and it is also a second factor that makes them more expensive , another disadvantage that we can add to the list in this comparative monitor vs television.

Returning to that of the resolution and the framerate , most of the TVs are limited to 60 Hz , then the maximum framerate that we will reach is 60 fps for its refresh rate. It does not matter if you have an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti inside your computer, that the maximum number of images you will see per second will be 60. There are TVs that reach up to 120 Hz, but they are undoubtedly more expensive than a 120 Hz monitor;

In addition, monitors can reach far beyond this refresh rate.


How to use two screens with your PC in Windows 10

But what if, besides playing, I want to see movies on this screen? So, maybe you should consider that there are more and more HDR televisions , and increasingly cheaper, while this technology is scarce in the market of monitors. And it’s not just about movies, because both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – in some of their versions – support HDR for some of their video games, in addition to 4K resolution .

Another important problem for a large number of televisions is the ‘over processed’ image . If we want a television to play , we should make sure it offers a PC mode or a game mode ; otherwise, the image signal is processed before it is displayed to ‘correct’ any type of imperfection, or give it a more HiFi look, and this introduces a significant delay , something we do not want when we are playing video games.


Monitors for Video Games

The monitor is a screen more focused on the computer. Hence, they are more complete devices in connectivity , with the DisplayPort connection as a feature more prominently extended. And this connection is the one that, as we mentioned earlier, will allow us to play content at 2160p above 60 fps , with a significantly higher image quality and, above all, greater fluidity. In video games, framerate is important, as we will now continue to explain, and having DisplayPort is almost essential.

Following this framerate, the refresh rate in monitors reaches higher figures . We have 60 Hz monitors, of course, and at ridiculous prices if we settle for Full HD resolution; but there is also a wide variety of models with 144 Hz , and even 240 Hz. We can get four times more images per second on one of these monitors than on a 60 Hz TV, something that completely changes the gaming experience if we look for the maximum quality and fluidity.

In a monitor, the response time is noticeably lower, and the input latency also because there is no such ‘processing’ of the image carried out by a television. For a lower price we can find monitors with better features in this section, and online games at a competitive level is something that drastically changes the experience. Much more still if we join the previous section, relating to the refresh rate of the screen, which will take advantage of all the power of our graphics card.


So, I buy a monitor or a television for video games?

It depends on your priorities, and how far you want to go with the video games, or you can for the hardware that you are going to use.

If yours is a video game console , check if it offers 4K HDR , and in this case you may be more interested in a TV – especially the HDR – and remember that although it is very likely that you are limited to 60 fps for the refresh rate from the screen, your console can only reach up to 2160p 60 fps maximum. And if you meet all this, get yourself a DisplayPort cable for your new TV, or you’ll stay at 30 fps maximum at this resolution.

In addition, you may also be more interested in a television for games if, as we said before, you want a television set and you are interested in integrated sound . And finally, it is also a point in favor of the television that the largest screens are only possible in this format, unless we are willing to sacrifice a kidney to afford our new screen for video games.

But if you want the best experience, buy a monitor .

Only with them you will be able to reach 240 Hz as a refresh rate, and squeeze your graphics card up to 240 fps . And only with them will you get the shortest possible response time , as well as the lowest entry latency .

Things that, as we said before, in a video game console are over because, due to hardware limitations, you simply will not be able to take advantage of it – the refresh rate, specifically.

The conclusion is to buy according to your needs and priorities. A television or a monitor can be better depending on your circumstances . In my case, I have gone with a computer monitor since I only game, watch Netflix and Amazon Video.


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