What is the Summerset Pathfinder Achievement?

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The Summerfall Event begins on Thursday, September 20 at 4:00PM BST and ends on Friday, September 28 at 3:00PM BST.

The event sale will continue until October 2nd and the window to earn the Summerfall Event rewards ends on October 8 at 1:00AM BST.


#1 – How Do I Qualify for the Rewards?

  • you must own the Summerset expansion (you can buy it now or you will get it automatically via the ESO Plus Membership).
  • visit all #10 of ESO: Summerset’s “Striking Locales” (located on both Summset and Artseum)


#2 – How Do I Track My Summerset Pathfinder Achievement Progress?

  • You can track yourown progress via the Summerset section of your Achievement menu
  • You can also use this map for easy reference:


#3 – How Do I Get My Rewards?

Rewards are unlocked when the community reaches each of the three milstones:


=== Summerfall Event FAQ ===


How do I help unlock the rewards?

To earn the free rewards for yourself and your fellow players, simply explore the isles of Summerset and Artaeum and earn the Summerset Pathfinder Achievement (you can find details on the Achievement in your Journal). When an account earns the Summerset Pathfinder Achievement, you (and everybody else) is one step closer to unlocking the next reward!


What are the rules for eligibility?

If you own The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset and log into the game before October 7, you are eligible to receive each reward (if its requirements are met). Even if you only buy the new Chapter towards the end of the event and are unable to earn the Summerset Pathfinder Achievement in time, you will receive the rewards. The deadline for acquiring the Summerset Chapter and logging in is October 8 at 1:00AM BST.


Can I still help earn the rewards if I already have the Summerset Pathfinder Achievement?

Yes! If your account already has the Summerset Pathfinder Achievement, it’ll be automatically added to the count at the start of the event. If you want to do more, why not give your fellow players some tours and help them get the Achievement themselves?


Why is the meter already at 20%?

We checked to see how many ESO: Summerset owners had already obtained the Achievement and added them to the tally. When the event officially begins on September 20, we’ll begin updating the meter’s progress daily.


What does the 100% on the meter actually mean?

The 100% completion goal on the Summerfall Event progress meter is a goal-post we set when designing this event that we believe our players have high likelihood of reaching. We want our players to have fun with this event and successfully earn all three event rewards, and we chose a goal with that in mind.

While we aren’t disclosing numbers, we can confirm that “100%” does not mean 100% of all players who own ESO or even ESO: Summerset.


How do I get to Artaeum?

In order to travel to Artaeum, you must complete the first Summerset main quest titled “The Queen’s Decree”. You can acquire this quest from Razum-dar just outside the town of Shimmerene.


When will we receive our rewards?

All owners of The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset who have logged into the game by October 8 shall receive their free rewards by Wednesday, October 10.


Source: https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-gb/summerfall




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  1. I just summerset with the new pre order coming out in June and was told that I should still be able to get the summerset event house cause my friend got it with his pre order. But I haven’t gotten the place or even the mount and pet. And I just finished the path finder achievement for summerset. Is there even a way to get the Grand Psijic Villa?

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