If you find yourself stuck in a wall, in Elder Scrolls Online, then try the follwing:

  1. Type /stuck in the chat window to suicide and get respawned at the nearest Wayshrine
  2. Attempt to warp to a nearby Wayshrine via your in-game map
  3. Try logging out of the game and back in again. This one will definately work if you’re inside a dungeon or other instance – you’ll appear outside the instance when you log back in.
  4. If you can’t warp to a nearby Wayshrine (because you’re stuck in combat phase) then try a Wayshrine in ” Cyrodiil” instead.
  5. If none of these work then raise a support ticket here: https://help.elderscrollsonline.com/app/home


This is an enviromental bug and not console/PC specific.

If you have a better suggestion for this problem, please let us know below!


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