ESO: how to speed up download speeds on PS4?

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here aren’t too many ways you can speed up the download speeds for Elder Scrolls Online on the PS4.

However, here are a few tips that I’ve picked up from around the ‘net which appear to work well for many:

  1. when downloading ESO, run the “Test Internet Connection” in your PS4 system settings. For whatever reason, this can speed up your download speeds by a stupid amount (assuming you’re on a high speed internet connection).

  2. start the ESO download and then put the PS4 into “Rest Mode“.

  3. if you want to be awesome – combine #1 and #2 to break the internet.

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If these don’t work for you, or you’re home internet connection really sucks, then take your PS4 to a friends house (who has high speed broadband), hook it up and steal their int’netz for a few hours.

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