ESO: how to level up the Mage’s Guild skill line?

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If you’re looking for ways to level up your Mage’s Guild skill line then, sadly, you might be disappointed as there are only two ways of increasing the Mage’s guild rank (and they’re both related to reading as many Lore Books as possible):

  • You get 5 points for each Blue Glowing Lore Book
  • You get an additional 20 points for finishing a collection.
  • The skill line is capped at level 10
  • You can also check out the daily Mage’s Guild quests

There are Lorebook addons to help with this tedious task, however, console gamers have no such luck. There is this resource available to help, though.

Is it worth levelling up? Probably not.


You can learn how to unlock the Mage’s Guild skill line here.



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