ESO: Best Nightblade Class Skills for Leveling

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In this article I will be overviewing the best Nightblade skills (and moprhs) for early game PvE content.


Nightblade Melee Skills:

  • Death Stroke(Ultimate) > morph into Soul Harvest
  • Assassin’s Blade > morph into Killer’s Blade
  • Teleport Strike > morph into Ambush
  • Shadow Cloak > morph into Shadowy Disguise
  • Mark Target > morph into Reapers Mark
  • Veiled Strike > morph into Surprise Attack


Nightblade Ranged Skills:

  • Consuming Darkness (Ultimate) > morph into Veil of Blades
  • Strife > morph into Swallow Soul
  • Veiled Strike > morph into Concealed Weapon
  • Poison Arrow > morph into Poison Injection
  • Scatter Shot > morph into Magnum Shot
  • Snipe > morph into Lethal Arrow


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