Best Place to Buy ESO Gold? [DOUCHEBAGS ONLY]

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Before we begin, let’s address the elephant in the room…

Buying Elder Scrolls Online gold isn’t cool, it isn’t clever and it probably makes you a douchebag for even considering it.

Buying gold is against the ToS for ESO. You could get your account banned for being involved in such a transaction. 

But, on the other hand…

  • people buy gold every day for various online RPG’s and very few actually get banned because.
  • if you’re sensible with the amounts you purchase then you should be fine (buy less than 500k every few weeks)
  • if you’re a ESO Plus member your chances of being banned are probably less because you’re paying money to Zenimax already so they might be willing to turn a blind-eye because…well, you’re buying gold which, in turn, means you’ll play longer and, in turn, means you’ll pay them for ESO Plus for longer.
  • when you receive ESO gold via in-game mail always be sure to send a few worthless items back to the seller. Just to cover yourself.
  • being a douchebag isn’t the end of the world. Own it.

Safety Tips for Buying ESO Gold Online…

  • Never EVER give your account password. Gold sellers do NOT need it. They only need to know your ESO account name.
  • Choose a reliable and respectable online ESO gold seller.
  • You should receive the gold via in-game mail and fairly quickly too.


Best Place to Buy ESO Gold? [DOUCHEBAGS ONLY]
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Last Updated On June 11, 2019

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