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  Before we answer what is the best place to buy ESO gold online…let’s begin by address the elephant in the room… Buying Elder Scrolls Online gold isn’t cool, it isn’t clever and it probably makes you a douchebag for even considering it. Buying gold is against the ToS for ESO. You could get your account banned for being involved in such a transaction. 

But, on the other hand…

People buy gold every day for various online RPG’s and very few actually get banned because:
  • if you’re sensible with the amounts you purchase then you should be fine (buy less than 500k every few weeks)
  • if you’re a ESO Plus member your chances of being banned are probably less because you’re paying money to Zenimax already so they might be willing to turn a blind-eye because…well, you’re buying gold which, in turn, means you’ll play longer and, in turn, means you’ll pay them for ESO Plus for longer.
  • when you receive ESO gold via in-game mail always be sure to send a few worthless items back to the seller. Just to cover yourself.
  • being a douchebag isn’t the end of the world. Own it.

Where is the Best Place to Buy ESO Gold Online..?

I do suggest you consider other methods for gaining gold (like this GOLD MAKING GUIDE). But if you really do want to then I recommend:
  • Choose a reliable and respectable online ESO gold seller.
  • Never EVER give your account password. Gold sellers do NOT need it. They only need to know your ESO account name.
  • You should receive the gold via in-game mail and fairly quickly too.

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The Importance of Gold in ESO

  Gold holds an essential role in ESO for several reasons. These reasons include increasing inventory, purchasing mounts, investing in new equipment, repairing gear, upgrading weaponry, and contributing to a guild. However, earning enough gold to do all of these things is easier said than done. Being able to do the hard work when it comes to beating monsters, completing quests, and travelling around the land is a good way to earn an income but there are other ways of adding to your gold. This is why it’s important to plan properly and understand what’s required as you look to get richer.


It starts with the quests as you look to earn gold. You can easily earn gold as soon as the question is completed. This includes having to beat enemies that pop up in these quests. You can end up receiving more gold by picking it up as enemies drop it. Along with these options, you can also look for treasure chests around the area. If you are spending time on these quests, you will start to notice an uptick in the amount of gold under your name. This starts to grow faster as you find containers, attack enemies, and pick up items.  

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Killing Enemies

Human enemies are known to drop gold along the way. You should look to find these enemies because gold is an easy way to grow your collection. It will start to increase quickly as you spend more time finding enemies and beating them. The gold will go a long way in helping throughout your adventure whether it’s repairing gear or purchasing new equipment. The beauty of facing up to new enemies is the likelihood of picking up jewelry, equipment, scraps, and glyphs.  

Item Loot

Loot is a renowned way of earning gold. In general, the idea behind loot is to pick up items throughout your adventure. These items pop up for various reasons whether it’s in a container, in a treasure chest, picked up from corpses, or a reward. The items don’t seem a lot right off the bat but can do wonders when it’s time to find quality gear. You can start to use this loot to sell materials, which is a great way to earn gold.  

Weapon Drops

Deconstructing weapons can lead to a good amount of gold as you gain experience and sell materials to a merchant or other players.


When you start to locate high-grade glyphs, you can sell them for a large amount. Players like buying them to level up.  

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This is a sizable topic and it’s important to understand the benefits of exploration in Tamriel when it comes to locating containers, treasure chests, and/or raw materials.  

Raw Materials

With raw materials, you can end up earning more than you would with refined materials. Most players want to pick up raw materials and refine them on their own for crafting experience and the resulting upgrades. This is why picking up raw materials is a good way to build up your collection before selling it off to another player.  


Whether it is mushrooms, flowers, or plants, you can sell these materials to other players as they look to make new potions. You will want to look for ingredients such as Columbine, Bugloss, Lady’s Smock, Corn Flowers, and Mountain Flower because of their demand on the open market.  


With treasure chests, you will want to unlock them because they are often filled with gold. This makes them wonderful as you look to pick up a good amount of wealth through these chests. However, they can also include other valuable items such as glyphs.  


With drawers, pots, nightstands, cupboards, desks, and other types of containers, you can pick up ingredients or recipes with ease. This is a great way to pick up items that are known to be valuable. You will also notice normal Racial Motifs in particular zones in the area. As you start to enter the VR1-VR5 zones, you will notice Primal and Barbaric Racial Motifs. In the VR6-VR10 zones, you will see Imperial, Ancient Elf, and Daedric Motifs. For the rarer ones, you will end up making quite a bit of money including up to 400 gold.  

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When it comes to earning gold, you will want to keep one eye on crafting because of its overall value. ESO players have to learn the art of self-sufficiency, which is why crafting experience is a must. It can come through managing ear, glyphs, and potions because the market is filled with demand for these items. Anyone that is looking to level up will want these items in their possession. You want to start to produce food, potions, drinks, weapons, and armors to sell them forward. An example would be Tri-Pots because that’s where the demand is when it comes to food, drinks, weapons, and armor. Other players are always on the lookout for these items as they try to improve their collection. A lot of players want to level up to Enchanting and that’s not easy, which is why players try to locate certain glyphs for new weapons or armor. If you manage to focus on Zone Chat, you will notice a stream of requests for specialized items. You can look through this chat and see whether or not you have specific items that can be sold.  

Trait Items

Players crave base quality gear that comes with a set trait. These tend to sell for a lot and can be spotted in Zone Chat in the form of requests. People want certain traits and they will request for them leading to a large haul of up to 1000 gold per sale.  

Justice System

Yes, the Justice System is a must when it comes to earning gold in ESO. Ever since Patch 1.6.5, being able to steal and pickpocket has become a way to find unique items, which can then be sold to someone else on the open market. The items that a player can steal will depend based on what’s out there. Some items can go for 50 gold, while the larger “purple” items will end up going for up to 600 gold each. This demonstrates the value of trying to loot players and/or corpses. Remember, there comes a time when a Bounty will be set up due to your actions. They are going to set the bounty and when you are caught, they will expect you to return the stolen items and pay a set Bounty. The only way to keep the items is to speak with the Fence to make sure it is laundered through as soon as you are caught.  

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