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Gaming Keyboards: More Than Meets The Eye…

At ESO FAQ’s, we know that gaming keyboards are a must have when it comes to enjoying your PC games whether for leisure or professionally. A gaming keyboard has a lot of different benefits when it comes to making sure you are precise in either getting that head shot from over 100 yards or hitting your combo before your opponent has a chance to strike. Not only will they help with precision, but they often have a clean look with some extra features to make them standout.

The best gaming keyboards are also known as mechanical keyboards.

This gives the added benefit of being able to hit your shot quickly and before your opponent is able to take you out due to the nature of the keys not needing to be pressed down completely. Gaming keyboards need almost more a flick rather than enough pressure to make it touch down completely.

One will often see different colors referenced in relation to the keys. Cherry MX keys are often the most commonly found. These keys are known to give you great feedback in your fingers as you push the keys. With the feedback comes the confidence that you clicked the key. Whether you clicked the right or wrong one is up to where your finger landed! Cherry MX keys also gives you an audible sound to coincide with the tactile feedback. It is important to find the right key color for you depending on what you may be using the keyboard for mainly.

Not only do gaming keyboards give you benefits in terms of use, but they also often have extremely neat aesthetics. Back lit keys are a very common find when it comes to gaming keyboards. Buyers can find them in just a single color, say a red or green, or a complete RGB setup. Whether the keyboard is a single color or has the RGB capabilities, it gives you a little edge to the looks.

Back lit keys also give more than just the attention. Having back lit keys also helps you see the keyboard better in low light settings. The user will also be able to get a better look at which key is being pressed by briefly looking for which key is not visible amongst the others due to it being covered by the finger. RGB gaming keyboards provide an additional layer of support here. Gamers with an RGB gaming keyboard are able to set specific colors for certain keys.

The most commonly used keys for gaming are A, S, D, and W (typically for directional purposes). You would be able to set these four keys at a color different from the rest to give them more prominence in your peripheral vision. Having this option can make your decisions even quicker in the event your fingers go astray on your keyboard and you need to get them back on track.

Compact gaming keyboards are also a hot commodity.

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard but do not want it to take up a lot of space or do not have the option for a bigger keyboard, then the compact option is best suitable. These give you all of the options mentioned prior, but are missing the number pad on the right side of the keyboard. Depending on needs for space, or maybe even looks, this would be a great option in better understanding gaming keyboards and finding one you may want.


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