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New ESO Plus Rewards: Exclusive Deals & Much More…

New updates are coming to ESO’s Plus membership! Beginning November 13th, the ESO developer, Zenimax Online Studios, is looking to beef up its ESO Plus membership to bolster what it already offers. The previous membership plan has offered a plethora of benefits including things such as free crowns, in-game DLC game packs, and the Craft bag to name a few. To go along with these features, the ESO Plus is going to include a wide array of new benefits to make the gaming experience that much better. It is going to include various in-game collectibles, Crown Store items, and other benefits including an increase in monthly crown stipend. The developer is also looking at focusing on the inclusion of new crowns for anyone that is an ESO Plus member. This should become a part of the monthly stipend with over 150 crowns added to the mix. For those wondering whether or not they will continue with their current membership — yes, it will. This is going to be added as a “bonus” on top of what is already in your current membership plan (3/6 months).  

Free Collectibles

One of the additions fans have been wanting has been the inclusion of free collectibles. If that is something you have been looking for then it has come to fruition with the new membership plan. The developers have taken the time to add in these collectibles within the ESO Plus membership plan. You will be able to hop over to the in-game Crown Store and pick them up as long as you are already an ESO Plus member at the time of the release date (November 13th).

How will you know it is available to you as a member?

You can stop over to the shop and look for the “Free” sign that is going to pop up close to the Chalice icon. It is also going to come with an additional set of free items that will be added to the Crown store from time to time as rare collectibles. Keep an eye out for those! What will gamers be able to get their hands on as soon as the ESO Plus plan comes to life? The first item is going to be none other than the beautiful Priestess of Mara costume. This is going to pop up and it will be member-exclusive meaning you need to have the plan.  

Exclusive Deals

The ESO Plus membership plan is also going to include access to a unique set of Crown Store items that will be offered at a reduced price. These items are going to be found in the Crown Store and will have a similar gold text next to them as the “Free” items. Look out for these and make sure to find the Chalice icon. These items are going to be offered as a part of the discounted items and will only be available for a select period. If you are eager to get your hands on all of these items, please do keep an eye out before they disappear! You are also going to get the opportunity to get first dibs on all exclusive Crown Store items that are made available. These are going to be set up based on demand and will be for sale or at times free. These items will include:
  • Pets
  • Costumes
  • Mounts
  • …and more!
  Remember, these exclusive deals should be a unique offering that will be something to look out for as soon as November 13th rolls around. If you are hoping to keep an eye out for these items, you can hop on over to the Crown Store and look at the newly designed ESO Plus tab. This will provide all of the necessary information regarding what the developers are offering including the discounts, benefits, and specific items. Fans have a lot to get excited about with this new announcement and that is going to be a sign of good things to come as November comes up on the calendar. For those who are already enjoying what the ESO Plus has to offer, this is going to be an added boost to make gaming an even better experience!

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