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If you are thinking about getting yourself a Google Chromebook as a replacement option for your Windows or Mac laptop, you might want to consider it’s limitations.

While a Chromebook is certainly a viable option for most, if you are someone that regularly plays games on your laptop, you might be unwilling to deal with its deficiencies.

Below, we will be going over some of the reasons you can’t play video games natively on a Chromebook.


Reasons You Can’t Play Video Games Natively on a Chromebook


1. Lack of Compatibility

For one, there is a lack of compatibility with a lot of the games that you would want to play.

A majority of the games that are released and that have been released in the past are purely designed to run on Windows operating systems. Because of this, you will be unable to play these games.

In fact, a lot of the games that you will find won’t even play on Mac’s operating system either.

While more and more games are beginning to release compatible with Linux, you are generally confined to the Windows platform if you are looking to play games natively on your laptop.


2. Lack of Power

Another reason a Chromebook is incapable of playing video games directly on it would have to do with the lack of power associated with it.

The fact is, a Chromebook is made to be an affordable device. Also, it is made to run a light operating system designed around Google Chrome.

Because of this, the Chromebooks that you will find on the marketplace are not packed with a bunch of different high-end components which limits the amount of power that you will find in them.

As a result, you get an under-powered laptop in terms of gaming. Thus, you cannot run the games natively on the Chromebooks even if you were able to put Windows on them.


3. Steam Support

Another reason you are not going to be running any non-browser based video games on a Chromebook would be due to the lack of Steam client support.

While Steam is now supporting Linux and you could potentially run a Linux Distro on your Chromebook to get the Steam client, you won’t be doing it with ChromeOS.


But wait, there is hope…with Google Stadia

However, there is good news for those that are looking to get a Chromebook but who might not want to give up gaming on their laptops.

Google is releasing Google Stadia which is a cloud-based video game streaming service which promises to deliver up to 4K resolution gaming at 60 FPS with full HDR support with only a 35 Mbps connection and it can work with connections as low as 10Mbps at a limited resolution.

Because it is a cloud-based service, you will not need to run the games natively on your laptops in order to play them which means the best Chromebooks for Education and Gaming will become viable products to use to play games on in the near future.

While it is certainly not the same as playing them natively without the potential for input lag from the servers, it is better than nothing.


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